I design all my  dolls and make them from my own patterns.

I create several different ranges.

  • 'Found in the Old Green Shed Dolls'   -  These are made to look 'old and tired' using vintage fabrics and embroideries. Perfect for the lover of Primitive and Country style dolls. Antiqued and aged to look as if they are made in a bygone age. 
  • 'Linen Cupboard Dolls'   -  A unique  Cloth doll made from favourite textile items.
  • Cloth and Clay Dolls     -  A variety of Art dolls made from Paper Clay and beautiful textiles.


I use mainly calico for the main body of the doll and then dress them using vintage and recycled linens, textiles, embroideries and cardigans - anything that is unusual and beautiful. Creativity, skill and workmanship is important to me as a designer/maker.

Every Doll is a unique one off creation. I produce in small ranges ,a variety of styles , and a mixture of materials, therefore every doll is different to another.

Each doll has a StitchyWooWoo label and is signed and dated.

I am more than happy to make a doll using your own special fabrics - perhaps you have bits of fabric from your childhood or something that belonged to your Granny, then let me use them in the clothing for your unique heirloom doll.

Mistress broomstick


Cloth scarf



Lady Makepeace


Some of these dolls have already gone to live in homes here in the UK, Europe, USA and other places around the world but you can look on

to see what is available today.

Or contact me by email

to have a chat about a doll for you or someone you love.