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Textile Artist Sally Hutson is an experienced and qualified Art & Design Lecturer specialising in Applied Textiles and the History of Textiles.

She has spent 20 years lecturing full time in college and university, encouraging and teaching students the value of playing with textiles and studying textiles to inform their own work. Sally has an MA in Textiles& Anthropology and has exhibited internationally.  

Her own body of work focuses on people, faces, and figures and the interaction with textiles and decoration. Sally’s work is decorative, using embroidery, free motion machine stitch and quilting techniques. She is inspired by Medieval, Renaissance, and the Pre Raphaelites amongst many other influences. Sally is a member of the Quilters Guild, Contemporary Quilters Guild, SAQA and Cotswold Craftsmen Guild.

All lecture sessions are a combination of slide show projection and actual antique, vintage and ethnographic textile pieces that are shown and handed around the group for closer study. All pieces are genuine treasures from Sally’s vast collection of textiles. Some are museum quality, most are worn and weathered – showing the life they have led. Sally also shows much of her own work to inspire others.

 Old to New -   New work from old Inspiration.

In this talk Sally will show a collection of beautiful and interesting antique and vintage textiles that can be used as a source of study and inspiration for new textile work. Most work is embroidered, stitched, and printed pieces. The audience is asked to consider the threads and patches of worn and woven textiles and the people that have used them through the years. New pieces of Sally’s work will be shown that reflect the decoration and ornament of the original pieces.

 Catch 22 – Ethics & Dilemmas of Textiles

Showing an amazing variety of actual textiles items from around the world Sally will talk about the use of controversial textiles over the past centuries. An informative and interesting session that will bring forth discussion and ask questions about the way we look at textiles in the world today. Textiles that tell stories of our history. NOTE: some may find parts of this lecture a distressing and complicated look that surround the issue of textiles. Prepare to be shocked!

What’s in Vogue? – Wearables, Bags, Purses & Scarves.

Whether we love or hate the fashion industry, we all have clothing in our wardrobes and the accessories that go with it. Favourite pieces and the bags and shoes to match. Antique bags and purses from Sally’s collection will be shown. This talk is a look at some pieces that we cannot live without. From antique to modern, costume, outfits and bags will be explored, along with some of Sally’s inspirational own work to examine.

 A Stitch a Day – How Did I Get Here?

A look at the life of a Textile Artist. Showing masses of stitched work, Sally explains and explores her sewing life. Dealing with demons, tackling treasures, and laughing at UFOs, she shares her experiences with you in an enjoyable and fun way. You will see yourself in many of her trials and tribulations and come to realise that it is not just you who has the long-suffering husband and the pile of material that will never be used up if you live to be 300!


All talks last for approx. 1 hour to include questions and discussion. Cost for talks is £140 plus mileage expenses, plus £50 contribution towards accommodation if needed (if travel is over 1hour 15 mins. I live in Worcester).

I am happy to do a talk on one evening and then a workshop the next day to reduce costs.

I will also consider a morning talk and then a shortened workshop for the afternoon (for certain workshops).

We bring our own Projector and laptop, you will need to provide table, white wall for projection. Blackout blinds/curtains are preferable for greatest viewing of slides especially for daytime groups.  

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